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The Historical Museum Of Artillery

General Information

ViewIn the center of Saint-Petersburg not far from Saint Peter and Paul fortress there is the Military Historic Museum of Artillery, Engineering Forces and Forces of Communication. It was founded in 1703 as a building for keeping and for "the memory for eternal glory" of the unique historic artillery equipment and it had a status of one of the best military museums of the world to the beginning of 20 c.

In the present time the museum has the extremely valuable collections of artillery equipment and ammunition, shooting and cold steel arms, military engineering technic, military communication means, fighting banners, military uniforms, works of battle painting and drawing, rewards, and also archives documentary.Cannon

АнфиладаThere are an amount of curiosities the triumphal kettledrum chariot for artillery banner transporating the small cannons of Peter I's " amusing" troops, military rewards of Russian emperors Russian army troops gifts, which were decorated tastefully with crystal and silver including Faberge's works, the personal arms of Alexander I, Nicholas II, ataman (Cossak chief) Platov, Napoleon, marshal Muratte, Russian and Soviet commanders.

The museum resources consist of 27 regimental museums of Russian army.Tank

The museum is a member of:

  • Russian Academy of Ballistic Missile and Artillery Science.
  • International Council of Museums (ICoM)
  • International Association of Military Arming Museums (IAMAM)
  • Creative Union of Museum Workers