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Museum Of History Of Revolutionary-Democratic Movement 1880-1890

General Information

The museum was created in 1992. It is located in the house built in 1825, now it's considered as an architectural monument under the government protection. It is one of the first Lenin's memorial places made into a museum (in 1924 "Lenin's corner" was opened in the room where V.I. Uljanov lived from 1894 to 1895) Since the 7th of October 1938 it functioned as Lenin's Museum Flat in Pereulok Iljicha). The first museum exhibits were the things that transferred from the State Memorial Lenin's Museum. The other ones were given or bought from people or at antique shops.

The museum reflects lives of the following people: the leaders of political and social organizations and movements of the 19th century (the Decembrists, The Petrashevs, the Narodninki, The First of May Followers , the Social Democrats). Uljanov's collection is the richest one -- you can have a look into his memorial room that he rented in 1894-95. The 20th century is presented by politicians and government officials of Russia and USSR and up-to-date leaders.

The basic structural museum departments are:

  • fund keeping department;
  • exhibition department;
  • research department.

The museum is fulfilling the programme of the local Historical Educational center "Istoki" ("Springs")

The museum has the following clubs:

  • The Club of History and Politics for students (sessions are each third Thursday of each month)
  • The History of the City Club (two Wednesdays a month)

The museum works as a research and methodical center for museums of companies and schools of Admiralty District. It helps teachers and museum managers in their work and participated in organizing quizzes on history.

In 1998 the museum had the conference dedicated to 100 years of RSDRP's 1st session. The museum arranges the activities related to the subject of its collection. It is decided to celebrate the date of Uljanov's 130th birthday in 2000.

The museum is preparing a new exhibition "At Semenovsky plats-parade" devoted to the history of Moscow-Narvsky part of St-Petersburg.