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"Manege" Central Exhibition Hall

General information

Since 1977 the Central Exhibition Hall (CEH) "Manege" has been located in the building of past Horse-guarding manege that was built in 1804-1807 according to the architector Jacomo Kvarengy's project. There are a couple of marble Dyoskurs (the heroes of Old Greek myths) by the sculptor Paolo Triskorny. The Manege exhibition place is 4380 sq. m.(the first floor is 1900 sq.m., the second floor is 1600 sq. m. And the anteroom is 880 sq. m.). Kvarengy's magnificence of the architectural look, the place and recourses as the exhibition hall attract Russian colleagues and foreign partners to work together. In addition, the Manege has enough space fore numerous visitors.

Манеж Манеж Манеж

The main trends.

Art exhibition arrangement and presentation:

  • The retrospective exhibitions that presents painting, drawing, sculptures, decorative and applying art works, photographs, printed publications, art medal work.
  • The exhibitions of modern art, which present the traditional trends as well as the latest art branches -- objects, installations, performance and computer drawing.
  • The exhibitions about Saint-Petersburg cultural heritage.
  • The exhibitions of private collections giving the unique opportunity to acquaint with Russian and foreign authors' works that are owned by Saint-Petersburg collectors.
  • The exchange exhibitions arranged with foreign partners' help.

CEH "Manege" collects Saint-Petersburg modern art works.

In the present day about 1500 exhibits: painting, drawing, sculptures, decorative and applying art, objects and installations. Since 1996 the CEH "Manege" has been presented in Internet. Its site has more complete information about CEH "Manege": www.manege.spb.ru, email: manege@mail.rcom.ru

"Manege" brief historic outline.

The building of the past Horse-Guarding manege where CEH is located now is an outstanding architectural memorial of the beginning of 19 c. It was built in classical style by the famous classical architector J. Kvarengy(1744-1817) for Lifeguard of Konniy(Horse) regiment and it's one of the greatest architector's creation. It was the architector Grish who was Kvarengy's partner during the building Horse-Guarding manege.

There are two sculptures of brothers Dyoskurs in front of "Manege".

The sculptures are the small copies of classical sculptures that are in front of Kvirinalian palace in Rome and they were made of marble by Paolo Triskorny.

In 1973 it was decided to make the building of Horse-Guarding manege to the CEH. Its exterior look was made nearer to Kvarengy's original look.

Around it there are a lot of gorgeous architectural works of K. I. Rossy, A. D. Zakharov, O. Monferran, A. I. Shtakenshneider , J. Kvarengy's reconstructed building enters perfectly to the harmony of Saint Isaac and Senatskaya squares.


  • Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad reflected in Russian and Soviet artists' works. Leningrad, "Hudognik RSFSR",1980
  • Leningrad art of gardens and parks in works of artists and architectors of 18-20 c. Leningrad, "Stroyizdat",1983
  • The artists of "The World of Art" cycle from SPb private collections, SPb, 1997.
  • The annual catalogs "Peterburg" (since 1993), "Dialogues" (since 1994), etc.

The largest exhibitions.

  • Petersburg-Petrograd-Leningrad reflected in Russian and Soviet artists' works. 1980
  • Leningrad art of gardens and parks in works of artists and architectors of 18-20 c. 1983
  • Pushkin's world. 1990
  • The lost chef d'oeuvres. 1990
  • Konniy regiment of Lifeguard. The history. 1992
  • The Clothes. 1992-1993
  • Russian navy is 300 years old. 1996
  • The pilgrimage to Kyphera island. 1997
  • A. S. Pushkin. Two hundred years of Russian culture. 1999

CEH "Manege" is a member of Creative Union of Cultural SPb and SPb region Workers.