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The State Museum Of Russian Political History

Information for visitors.

The museum address:

2-4, Kuibisheva st., Saint-Petersburg (197046)
Any information and guide service reservation: 233-70-52.
Commercial service department: 233-72-20
The museum is located not far from "Gorkovskaya" metro station. You should walk about 500 m. along tramways passing the temple.

The work schedule:

Daily, 11 a.m. -- 5 p.m.
Days-off: Friday, Saturday and every last Thursday of a month

The entrance and guide service fare.

For Russian visitors and CIS visitors: 
adults8 r.
students3 r.
guide services for adults 120 r.
guide services for students 60 r.
Historic Museum for Kids 4 r.

The tourist group should be not more than 20 persons. The guide services cost 80 rubles.
For foreign visitors:
adults60 r.
students30 r.
with a Russian-speaking guide120 r.
with an English-speaking guide160 r.
The permission for video shooting 50 r.
The permission for taking pictures 20 r.

A ticket allows to visit any museum exhibition including the temporary exhibitions. There are a souvenir store and a small book shop in the museum. Also there is a small cafe where you'll be offered a cup of coffee and soft drinks.
Also the museum administration is glad to offer a variety of services:

  • guide tours (general survey or about special subjects)
  • scientific consulting
  • bibliographical survey preparation
  • copying papers
  • making photocopies

The museum administration can arrange any conferences, presentations, business meetings, music concerts, exhibitions.
The phone numbers: 233-72-20, 233-72-61.
e-mail: polithist@soros.spb.ru

The exhibitions.

The exhibitions that are being presented:

"Mathilda Kshessinskaya: the great ballet dancer and Highness Princess"
"Mathilda Kshessinskaya is in the dance hall of her residence"
The exhibition tells us about the bright and dramatic destiny of the famous Russian ballet dancer Matilda Kshessinskaya (1872-1971) and about her artistic family. For the first time you can see the documents that discover the ballet dancer's relation with the representatives of the Romanovs including her love affair with Great Prince Nicholas Romanov. Also you can know about so-called her "French Period" that was during about 50 years. Married Great Prince Andrew Romanov in the year of 1921, the ballet dancer obtained the title of Highness Princess and she changed her surname to Romanovskaya-Krasinskaya.
"S.U. Vitte: financier, politician, diplomat". (dedicated to 150th anniversary since his birthday)
The exhibition goal is to demonstrate the most important moments during the life of this outstanding politician who was one of the greatest reformer in Russian history.
"Including greatness & absurdity". (the history of XX century: Russia is between tragedy & farce)
This exhibition that was created because of 80th anniversary of State Museum of Political History; demonstrates the treasure of fund collections -- the artworks, material relics & drawings.

The exhibitions that are being prepared.

"The women who belonged to epoch of great shocks".
The exhibition will tell us about women's destiny in the period of revolutions, reforming & perestroika.