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Post and Telecommunication Central Popov Museum

General Information

The Central Communication Museum named after A.S. Popov is located on 7, Pochtampskaya st.(the previous name was Sousa Svasy Street) (trolleys 5 and 22 at the bus stop "Pochtampsky Pereulok"at Nevskiy prospekt). The museum work schedule is since 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The days off are on Sunday and Monday.
Any information: (812) 315-48-73.

Здание музея At present time the museum is closed for repairing. You may visit direct access funds by advance telephone appointment (812) 311-9255.
Evaluation of stamps is arranged by (812) 311-8457.
The Historical Archive (812) 311-9206 -- and Technical Research Library -- (812) 312-7329 -- are available at the work schedule.