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The N.K. Rerikh Museum-Estate

General Information

Rerich's Homestead

Izvara is an old homestead of noble people, where a famous Russian artist N.K. Rerich spent his youth. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century and it was a property of famous noble families -- the Sheremetjevs, the Trubetchkoys, the Saltikovs, the Elagins, the Vejmarns etc. The artist's father Konstantin Fedorovich Rerich owned Izvara from 1872 till 1900. At the beginning of the 20th century it was bought out by Board of Justice to St-Petersburg Agricultural Colony for children. We can still see the lords' house built in the 18th century, a few buildings for home necessities (18th-19th centuries), the old park, a few non-freezing spring water lakes and the Colony School House with a built-in church (built in 1915 by architect A. Jakovlev).

The USSR Government decided to turn Izvara into a museum in 1973. After repairs the exhibition "N.K. Rerich in Izvara" was located in two rooms of the house. Now the museum covers the lords' house, 9 infield buildings and the whole infield territory.

The museum staff is fulfilling the following kind of work:

  • researching;
  • exhibiting;
  • finding new research methods ;
  • holding expeditions;
  • fund keeping;
  • education;
  • arranging excursions;
  • publishing;
  • pedagogical work;
  • the park keeping;
  • Administrative managing.
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