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The State Museum of Urban Sculpture


  • The 18th century Necropolis and The Arts Masters Necropolis (Lazarev and Tikhvin Cemeteries of the Alexander Nevsky Monastery);
  • The memorial sculptures of the Lazarev and Blagovetshensk shrines. The basic museum collection contains memorial sculptures and historical headstones in the museum's necropolises. Funds of the city sculpture preserve many competition projects for Leningrad monuments from 1930-1980, original models, big sculptures, architectural sketches, and landscape drawings of the 18-20th centuries. The department of memorial sculpture contains coats of arms and parts of headstones. The research-assisting department preserves unique photos of restoration from 1920-1990.

Total number of exhibits:

the main fund - 5800 objects, among them sculptures - 813
monuments from the Blagovetshenskaya shrine - 103
city monuments - 211
memorial boards - 726
necropolises and Lazarev shrine - 1135
"Literatorskye Mostki " - 285
necropolis fund - 158
sketches - 2250
The museum territory in the Monastery is 1,9 hectars
The exhibition hall area is 150 sq. m.

Uspensky (1885-1947) was a poineer of the museum collection, and was the Direcor of the Necropolis Museum, as well as an active member of the Society Old Petersburg -New Leningrad. In the 1920s he supervised excavations in the necropolis, during which dozens of 18th century headstones were found. In the Blagoveshenkaya Shrine he found the monument of Golitzin, made by Gerdeev, once considered lost. Also a professional photographer, he photographed monuments before they were restored in the 1930s. He collected a unique catalog of monastery necropolis with descriptions and biographies. He saved many valuable monuments from ruined cementaries.

Negative and Photo Archives

Total number of negatives is 2611, printed photos - 31429 The largest part of the collection contains the photos made by Uspensky from 1920-1940. The most valuable photos depcit the restoration of monuments, their storage during the Siege, and also contempoorary memorial boards and necropolis headstones.


The total number of books is 10881 volumes. The fund of rare books contains a unique description of the Bronze Horseman, the Alexander Column, and route maps over St. Petersburg, published at the beginning of the 19th century. There are numerous books on family trees and coats of arms, and memoirs. The library is for internal purposes and is a part of the research department. There are no archives. Techical documentation exists, describing the monuments' current state of preservation and the restoration process in the city memorial sculpture department.


Expositions in the Necropolis Exhibition Hall are rotated 2-3 times a month. Exhibitions of modern St. Petersburg artists are held regularly and advertised in mass media.
The museum's exhibitions are displayed both in the Exhibition Hall and other places.
In honor of Pushkin's 200th birthday the Exhibition Hall arranged the exhibition "Carefully Kept Image". The museum's exhibition will be transferred to the Central Exhibition Hall and art gallery "Navicla artis".
On the 275th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg University, the museum's funds were exhibited at Smolny. The museum plans to transfer its exhibits to the exhibition in Sampsonievsky Church dedicated to the 290th anniversary of the Victory in Poltava. Collection's masterpieces

Collection's masterpieces

  1. Lomonosov's headstone in the 18th century necropolis. 1760-Е ЗЗ. Master Mediko (Karrara) after academician Shtelin's sketch. Marble.
  2. Princess Kurakina's headstone in the Blagovetshenskaya Shrine. 1792. Sculptor Martos. Marble.
  3. Princess Gagrina's headstone in the Blagovetshenskaya Shrine. 1803. Sculptor Martos. Bronze.
  4. Tchaikovsky's headstone in the Art Masters' Necropolis 1897. Sculptor Kamensky. Bronze. Granite.
  5. Dargomizshsky's headstone in the Art Masters' Necropolis 1961. Sculptor Haustov. Bronze.

Books with descriptions of the museum collection.

  • Historical cementries in St. Petersburg . A reference book. Compiled by Kobak, Pirjutko, SPb, 1993
  • Alexander Nevsky Monastery Museum. A collection of research works. SPb, 1997.
  • St. Petersburg memorial boards. Compiled by Timofeev, Efremova, 1999 (ready to be printed)
  • A set of booklets "National Panteon of Russia" ("Alexander Nevsky Monastery Architectural Ensemble", "Arts Masters' Necropolis", "The Necropolis of the 18th century", "The Blagovetshenkaya Shrine ", "The Lazarev Shrine"). Coompileded by Pirjutko, SPb, 1997-1998.

In 1998-1999 the museum workers presented their research at several scientific conferences, "St. Petersburg Sessions", at Suvorov's museum, at the Institute of Mining, and at the sanctuary Tsarskoe Selo, and at the "Open Society" Institute.