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Государственный мемориальный музей А.В. Суворова


Collections The exhibitions are dedicated to Suvorov's life and consist of the following displays:
  • Suvorov's life
  • Suvorov's captainship
  • Suvorov's relics
  • Suvorov's salvage
  • Attitude to Suvorov in Russia and the USSR

Вид на левые залы Макет. Сражение при Требии 17 июня 1799 г. Грамота на графское достоинство Российской Империи Общий вид центрального зала А.В. Суворов. Холст, масло. Неизвестный художник, конец XVIII века Портсигар, принадлежавший Маршалу Советского Союза Г.К. Жукову

The museum's collection contains more than 100 objects and includes paintings, drawings, sculpture, applied arts, numismatics and phaleristics. There is also a collection of weapons, banners, uniforms and equipment used by Russian and European soldiers in the 18th-20th centuries. The most valuable part of the collection is Russia's largest collection of toy tin soldiers, numbering up to 60,000.

The museum's collection was initially compiled from objects donated by Suvorov's admirers. At the beginning of this century, Suvorov's great grandson Molostov presented items from the church in village Kochanskoje: Suvorov's medals, guns and personal articles. Another donator was the traveler Engelgardt, whose Suvorov collection, related to the March to Switzerland, had several hundred items. Emperor Nicholas II donated about 300 of Suvorov's documents, among them his rank patents and personal certificates.

During 1960s the museum added items that belonged to Zhukov, Rokosovsky, Konev, Govorov, and other Soviet-era officers.

Archives are kept in the fund of documents and manuscripts, and date from the end of the 18th to the end of the 20th centuries. The fund contains Suvorov's autographs, manuscripts by his life researchers (Milutin, Petrushevsky, Fuks, Vorobjev), and documents about the Russian army of the 18th-20th centuries. The most part contains Suvorov's Honor chevaliers' letters. There is a collection of Russian army orders, written in the 19th-20th centuries.

The collection of books contains more than 20 thousand Russian and foreign books, printed in the 18th-20th centuries. The fund of rare books was originally from the private collections of outstanding Russian people of the 19-20th centuries, and regiment and military school libraries. The fund consists of various essays, considered bibliographical rarities, such as encyclopedias, reference books, and collections of military researches.

The largest part of book collection contains all books about Suvorov in Russian and foreign languages. The fund contains more than 250 book collections, among them are the Romanov family books and books once belonged to Russian noblemen. The library preserves books with watercolors, stamps, and lithographs. These rarities are real masterpieces.

The museum's book collection is famous for the large number of books is autographed, or contains authors' and owners' notes.

Scientists and scholars from St.-Petersburg, Moscow and other cities use the research museum's library.

Two exhibitions are under construction:
"Suvorov and Russian Society of the 18th Century" is organized for the City Sculpture Museum exhibition hall. The main exhibits will be portraits of Suvorov and his contemporaries. The exhibition will analyze the 18th century attitude of Suvorov and his interactions with Russian society at this time.

Current Exhibitions:
"Generalissimo" - for the concert and exhibition hall of the Smolny Cathedral. Opened at the end of September, the exhibition is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Suvorov's promotion to generalissimo. the exhibition chronicles the history of this rank in Europe and Russia, the main military men, who achieved this rank, and Suvorov's ascent to this rank.
"Art Weapon" (85-100 objects)
"Russian Combat Weapon " (70-80objects)
"The History of Military Service in a Tin Miniature" (1500 objects)

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