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The State Memorial Suvorov Museum

General Information

History of Museum

The State Memorial Suvorov's Museum dates back to the 13th November (old style), when it was solemnly opened by Nicholas the 2nd and representatives of Russian nobility. Our museum is the first memorial museum, it was built with money gathered by citizens.

The building was erected by architect Gogen's project in the style of Russian defence buildings -- there are loop-holes in the watch-tower and walls. Left and right ells of the main facade are decorated by mosaics made by mosaic painters Maslennikov and Zotshenko (the father of the famous Russian writer Zotshenko) by Popov's sketches "Suvorov's crossing the Alps" and Shabinin's "Suvorov's leaving for the campaign of 1799". The coat of arms of Suvorov's family located on the central tower above the entrance is made of mosaics. The facade is also decorated by arms and armour. The entrance is made in the style of old Russian palace porch.

The museum was very popular until it was closed in 1918. The reason was German invasion. The funds and collections had to be taken away.

During the Great Patriotic War the left wing of the building was almost totally destroyed by a whiz-bang.

According to the Ministery Council decision the museum was restored in 1951 as a military museum. From 1988 to 1998 it was closed for big repair.

In 1991 received its initial status and became the State Suvorov's Memorial Museum.

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